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Scientific conservation of lithium batteries, these styles make your mobile phone more durable

Published by admin 2024-04-07

Starting from Apple's" Battery Gate", more and more druggies have noticed the problem of" battery aging". This content is also tumbling back and forth, and it lasts for a long time. Back to Apple, they've taken a series of conduct behind the battery door the" Battery Health" option was given in iOS11.3, and the" Optimized Battery Charging" was added to the iOS 13 beta under test to decelerate down battery aging., its sanctioned website has indeed added numerous Chinese documents about battery operation.

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So from the perspective of consumers, is it necessary for us to take fresh measures to maintain mobile phone batteries and protract their lifetime( lifetime)? If necessary, what aspects should be paid attention to in battery conservation? Regarding battery conservation, what sweats have manufacturers made, and what can we do as consumers and druggies.


Prolusion Is it necessary to perform fresh conservation on the battery? To answer this question in one judgment As a consumer, if you do not particularly watch about the impact of mobile phone battery aging, please feel free to use it without conservation. First of all, both smartphones and batteries are designed, produced and used as consumables. As consumers, we only need to use it, and the battery life should be maintained by mobile phone manufacturers or battery manufacturers. likewise, as mobile phones are streamlined briskly and briskly moment, maybe before the battery is fully scrapped, the old device has been replaced by a new bone , and there's no need to replace the battery. In the end, no matter how bad it is, the battery is really used and scrapped, and it doesn't feel to be such a high price to replace a battery.


But for some nonages with special requirements, mobile phone batteries still need some redundant conservation. These special requirements may be because you want to leave the old device to your family to continue to use, or you want to leave a good character of" unremoved and unrepaired battery with high health" when dealing second- hand, or indeed simply out of frugal habits. No matter how small the demand is, it's worth paying attention to, so let's take a look at how to maintain the battery.



How to" delay aging" for lithium batteries starts from the principle, as long as we first understand the causes of battery aging, and also give targeted protection to batteries grounded on these reasons, we can achieve the purpose of" maintaining batteries". Battery University details the colorful factors that can progress lithium batteries in How to protract Lithium- grounded Batteries.However, you can click on the link to precisely explore the life of a battery with a clear distinction between love and hate, If you're interested. still, due to space limitations, this composition only compactly addresses about a many of the factors.


The first factor is Cycles. This has been slightly written as" charging cycle" in Apple's sanctioneddocuments.However, you can also suppose of it as a discharge cycle, which is defined as" when the discharge capacity reaches 100 of the battery capacity, If it's easy to understand."


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In the composition of Battery University, you can also find a analogous description, that is, the depth of discharge( Depth of Discharge) determines the number of cycles of the battery, a complete cycle is 100 of the depth of discharge, and the factual capacity of the lithium battery will vary with The number of cycles charge cycles increases with a slight drop. There's a fleeting line for this capacity reduction caused by cycling. For illustration, Apple’s commitment to the life of its erected- in batteries is that iPhone druggies ’ batteries can still retain 80 of their health after 500 cycles. iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook is 1000 times. still, we can not estimate battery life grounded on the number of cycles alone. numerous people may have heard the aphorisms" don't charge your phone all night" and" don't use the battery until it's turned off". The lower the depth, the longer the battery life, and the charging is the same. In other words, we also need to avoid deep charging and discharging.


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From this picture, we can see that 100- 25( black) has the fastest capacity loss and the shortest life, 85- 25( green) is alternate, and 75- 65 has the slowest capacity loss and the longest life. thus, if you consider the battery life and diurnal usability exhaustively, according to the Battery University's statement that" partial charging is better than full charging", try to keep the battery chance within the range of 30 to 80 without pursuing long battery life. In an interview with The Verge, Venkat Srinivasan, an mastermind at the Argonne Collaborative Center for Energy Storage Science( ACCESS), came to the same conclusion. Note Considering the energy hand estimation problem, you can periodically perform a full charge and discharge to calibrate the power to avoid inaccurate power chance display similar as power failure. In addition to the below- mentioned charging and discharging factors, the impact of environmental factors isn't small. Extreme high temperature and high charging voltage will affect the life of the battery. The former will accelerate the unrecoverable capacity loss of the battery. Although the ultimate can increase the battery capacity, it'll accelerate the decay of the battery cycle life.


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In particular, it's necessary to pay attention to the impact of extreme high temperature. Generally speaking, it's stylish not to let the battery temperature exceed 35 degrees Celsius.


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So far, let's review the killers that accelerate the aging of batteries deep charging and deep discharging, high temperature, and high charging voltage. What sweats have manufacturers made to make batteries last as long as possible during their service life?


Fast charging and teardrop aren't antithetical. I believe that numerous musketeers may glare and question when they read the former composition" Avoidultra-fast charging" currently, fast charging for smartphones has come standard, but you say fast Charge damage to battery life should be avoided. Is it antithetical for manufacturers to do so? In fact, on the one hand, due to the enhancement of the battery manufacturing process, the negative impact of fast charging isn't as egregious as in the history, but the stoner's demand for fast charging is adding day by day;


The impact is as small as possible, and manufacturers are constantly perfecting fast charging technology and optimizing charging strategies. Take the well- known strategy" teardrop charging" as an illustration. In order to cover the battery life, numerous manufacturers won't allow the fast charging state to completely charge the battery. Voltage, current, teardrop charging, and gradationally fill the battery.


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It's for this reason that utmost manufacturers will concentrate on the creation of fast charging speed on" charging xx twinkles for x hours", rather than how important time it actually takes to completely charge. Some aged phones that support fast charging indeed turn off presto charging beforehand when the battery is advanced than 60. Another battery protection that's unnoticeable to the stoner is fairly low- position- nearly all mobile phones are equipped with a introductory battery performance operation system. This system includes the internal voltage operation of the battery, the countermeasures under extreme temperature,etc., which are scrupulous and can not be turned off.However, the system will pop up a warning and forcefully stop the camera operation, If the threshold is touched.


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In a way, this kind of high temperature protection for the battery also benefits other factors in the phone. In order to avoid deep charging and deep discharging, manufacturers will designedly spare a small part of the battery capacity without significantly affecting battery life, so as to protract the battery life. With the public's concern about the health of the battery, the protection medium to avoid deep charging and deep discharging has gradationally surfaced from the bottom to come a system function that's visible and controllable by the stoner, similar as the" optimize battery operation" option of iOS 13 mentioned at the morning of the composition, Another illustration is the Battery Care function that Sony systems have been equipped with for a long time.


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These functions either use some intelligent algorithms or new machine literacy to automatically determine when the battery should stop charging and when it should be completely charged. The Battery Care on the Xperia 1 can also be customized by the stoner for these particulars.


Unfortunately, in utmost mobile phone systems, this practical battery conservation function is stillabsent.However, is there any applicable tool to make up for this remorse?
If this function isn't handed in the mobile phone system.


How to maintain the battery by yourself


In the former chapter, we learned that the charging strategy, voltage operation, overheating warning,etc. have been handled by the manufacturer, so the main thing druggies can do is to avoid deep charging and deep discharging of the battery.


Specifically, what druggies can do is actually" reduce the time when the phone is further than 80 charged.


" For iOS 12 druggies, stay patiently for the sanctioned release of iOS 13, or join the Public Beta program in advance, and get iOS 13 at the same time you'll have the battery conservation function, just turn on" Optimize battery charging" under the battery health setting That is it. 

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 After turning on this point, the iPhone will use original machine literacy to acclimate the charging strategy grounded on the stoner's operation habits. For illustration, if the phone is connected to a power source overnight, the system will only charge the battery to 80, and also completely charge the battery the coming morning before the stoner unplugs it, avoiding deep charging., It can also guarantee the normal battery life of the day.


For Android druggies,non-Root druggies can try the AccuBattery app, and Magisk Root druggies can try the Advanced Charging Controller( acc) module. 


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Still, we can find that its theoretical base for battery conservation is harmonious with that of battery university, and both recommend druggies to charge to 80, If we look precisely at the stoner companion instructions of the precise battery operation. still, third- party operations in thenon-root state can not touch the underpinning charging control, so the precise battery can only control the battery chance by" detecting the real- time power position-> the power position has risen to the set chance-> transferring a announcement to remind the stoner to stop charging" compass. 


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What makes Accurate Power different is that grounded on the below- mentioned theoretical base, a set of styles for estimating battery loss is attained when sliding the ring to define the charging threshold, it'll give the loss caused by this charging, and the charging time after charging. Approximate vacuity.



The biggest point of the entire operation is" quantification", the ubiquitous figures, and statistics about charging, discharging, and battery health grounded on your operation habits and charging conditions. particular suggestions concentrate on the following data charging status


The battery temperature, voltage, current, and current estimated battery capacity;


The average battery operation in the discharged state( screen off, on) and the standby time after full charge. These two data will increase with use. The more accurate;


Estimated battery capacity, diurnal battery loss in battery health. 

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Accurate power can estimate the loss caused by each charge, can give nearly all the data that needs to be substantiated for maintaining the battery, and can also estimate the health of the battery grounded on the charging situation. still, limited by thenon-root working mode, there's a ceiling in the function of accurate power. For illustration, data similar as charging current may not be directly attained, performing in diversions in battery health evaluation; for illustration, to stop charging, druggies need to manually dissociate, a little clumsy. The Advanced Charging Controller, which focuses on battery conservation, has a natural advantage as a Magisk module, which is high authority and completely automatic.


Generally speaking, after flashing the module and resuming it formerly or doubly, acc can continue to work with the dereliction battery conservation configuration, and the stoner doesn't have to worry about anything. It's a" flash and forget" type of module. The dereliction battery conservation configuration can be viewed on the module’s description interface. It starts to decelerate down when charging to 60, stops charging when it reaches 80, and restarts charging when it's discharged to 70. It's a classic and practical battery conservation configuration. 

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Still, for druggies who are familiar with the command line, you can enter commands in a shell with root authorization to change settings, If you want to customize the battery conservation configuration. For ordinary druggies who aren't familiar with command line instructions, if they want to customize the configuration, they can only use the ACCA operation. ACCA provides a more stoner-friendly graphical interface for utmost druggies. It also presets three battery conservation configurations and adds battery status display. What needs to be reminded is that there are pitfalls in flashing and usingmodules.


However, you can try to read the TROUBLESHOOTING chapter in the instructions, or directly uninstall ACCA/ modules and give up, If you encounter unworkable or abnormal performance. Especially for ACCA, which is still in the early stage of development, in my factual test, switching between different configurations needs to be manually stopped and started formerly acc daemon( background occupant program) to take effect. 

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Excursus Check battery health in this way perhaps after reading this composition, you're simply interested in the index of" battery health" and want to check the battery health of the device in your hand. This chapter briefly lists some tools for checking battery health. On iOS, the" Battery Health" in the erected- in settings is the first- party data given by Apple, which is really the most accurate, and the after- deals test results shouldn't be far before. Another result is to use third- party tools on the computer to read the system logs of the mobile phone to estimate the health of the battery. Common similar tools include iMazing, coconut battery,etc. 


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In factual use, the erected- in battery health of iOS is more accurate, but it's generally advanced than the evaluation data of third parties. This is presumably because Apple has taken the system mentioned over and reserved part of the batterycapacity.However, you can only find the real health in third- party tools, If you have an iPhone with a third- party large- capacity battery like me. iPadOS doesn't have erected- in battery health, and you can only calculate on third- party tools to check battery health. The forenamed coconut Battery can also measure the battery health of your MacBook, and iStat Menus, the notorious system covering app, can also check the current battery health in the Battery item.


On Android, there is not really a good way to measure battery health, and the only way to determine it's with vague, qualitative words like" Battery Health Good"( see screenshot from ACCA over). To get an accurate quantum, you may also need to turn to Accurate Power, which will give you an estimate of battery health grounded on the stoner's diurnal charging situation, which I rate as harmonious with the feeling of diurnal use, but not veritably accurate. The manufacturer's teardrop charging strategy will greatly affect the delicacy of the estimate. To measure a slightly accurate battery health, you must spend several hours deep charging until it no longer trickles. 

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Another way to take a chance is to enter the command cat/ sys/ class/power_supply/ bms/ uevent in the shell of the phone( no Root boons needed) to get a string of data about the battery, but the parameter POWER_SUPPLY_CHARGE_FULL remains unchanged, so I am not sure this is the real battery health. maybe the programs of individual manufacturers vary, performing in a string of data that has little practical reference. 


From a consumer point of view,


The battery is manufactured as a consumable product, and manufacturers have launched a series of enterprise to insure the usable life of the battery, we don't need to spend too important time and trouble on battery conservation.


But from a particular perspective, whether it's out of economy or the instability I felt from the battery door, I generally take better care of the battery in my bias, including but not limited


To slow charging when I am not in a hurry( thanks to Apple for furnishing a large number of 5V1A slow charging heads for consumers).


Keeping your device's remaining charge at about 80 percent when you have a power source hard to charge it at any time, and making sure you are out and about before you start charging again.


Switch to a thin, featherlight case that does not make up heat in the summer.


Keep the screen facing down when the phone is on buttress.


Deep charge and discharge the device formerly in a while to calibrate the power cadence. 

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