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Warmly Congratulations to Zhijian & CSIP Science and Technology Co., Ltd. for passing the LG audit factory and becoming a LG strategic partner!

Published by admin 2024-04-07

On July 25, 2018, four experts selected by LG Company conducted a comprehensive review of Zhijian & CSIP Science and Technology Co., Ltd.. The review process is divided into two stages:
The first stage focuses on the on-site review, mainly reviewing the production environment, production process, production process status, process control and other aspects of our company; the second stage focuses on document review, mainly reviewing the company's quality management, resource allocation, technical parameters and other documents.

General Manager Han Yanqing introduced the production process to the customer in detail.

The customer carefully observes and guides each process.

LG's auditing factory has a wide coverage, strong pertinence, and the audit process is serious and strict, has conducted a comprehensive review of our company.The results show that the experts have fully affirmed and highly appraised all aspects of our work, which meets the requirements of customer standards.

With the joint efforts of all the staff, the two-day factory auditing work has achieved great success. Zhijian & CSIP Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has become LG strategic partner!

The success of LG company's Factory auditing work affirms the efforts of all employees, makes the company's development to achieve a qualitative leap again, and makes Zhijian & CSIP Science and Technology Co., Ltd. more confident, in the future, it will constantly learn from experience, constantly improve the company's management level and comprehensive competitiveness, constantly optimize the process, improve product quality, and make unremitting efforts to become a well-known brand of lithium battery manufacturing enterprises in China!

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